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Virginia Military Institute

The Virginia Military Institute is a state-supported military academy in Lexington, Virginia.

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Early History

On November 11, 1839, the Virginia Military Institute was founded on the site of the Lexington state arsenal, and the first cadets relieved the enlisted personnel on duty. Under Major Francis H. Smith, superintendent, and Colonel Claudius Crozet, president of the board of visitors, the corps was imbued with the discipline and the spirit for which it is famous.

The Class of 1842 graduated 16 cadets to the ranks of the first alumni. Living conditions were poor, and hardship was the keynote of cadet existence until, in 1850, the cornerstone of the new barracks was laid. In 1851 "Stonewall" Jackson became a member of the faculty and Professor of Natural and Experimental Philosophy. Under Major Jackson and Major William Gilham, VMI infantry and artillery units were present at the execution of John Brown at Charles Town, Virginia (now West Virginia) in 1859.

Notable graduates

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