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Villains and Vigilantes

Arguably Fantasy Games Unlimited's most famous role-playing game, Villains and Vigilantes was a popular superhero-themed game written by Jack Herman and Jeff Dee, competing primarily with Champions and Superworld in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Villains and Vigilantes was revised significantly between the first and second editions, and the art, while still primarily provided by Jeff Dee, also improved significantly. The rules were perhaps less flexible than either Champions or Superworld, but Villains and Vigilantes managed to maintain a comic book-like feel that other systems were lacking.

Bill Willingham's modules Death Duel with the Destroyers and The Island of Dr. Apocalypse served as the inspiration for his later Comico comic book series, The Elementals.

Eclipse Comics published a four issue Villains and Vigilantes limited series in the late 1980s, written by Dee and Herman with art by Dee, loosely based on the events of the introductory module, Crisis at Crusaders Citadel.