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Venus Envy

Venus Envy were a band from Dublin, Ireland. Formed in January, 1994, the band played gigs around the country for six months, before signing to Hunter S. Records, a local indie label.

The band released the mini-album The Age You're At in April 1995, followed (after some personnel changes) by Four To The Floor, which, while having a medlodic post-punk sound similar to the songs on The Age You're At on the odd-numbered tracks, also featured untitled experimental hip-hop tracks on the even numbered tracks.

The band split up in June 1998. Maura Horan now makes electronic music and DJs under the moniker "MCUT".

Table of contents
1 The Age You're At
2 Four To The Floor
3 Personnel
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The Age You're At

  1. "Shiver"
  2. "Now Is Not The Time"
  3. "Good Idea"
  4. "Spineless"
  5. "Sweet Tooth"
  6. "Bored"
  7. "Sunburst Hit"

Four To The Floor

  1. "Butt of a Joke"
  2. Untitled 1
  3. "Disposable"
  4. Untitled 2
  5. "Passes By (Without a Word)"
  6. Untitled 3
  7. "Alien Interference Interlude"


External link

Venus Envy is also the name of a comic strip dealing with transgender issues. [1]

Venus Envy is also the name of an all-women band from Seattle, Washington USA.