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Vasili II of Russia

Grand Prince Vasili II of Vladimir (1425 - 1462).

Vasili's reign was one plagued by civil war, but one in which Moscow's power continued to increase. Vasili was long in a contest first with his uncle Yuri and then with his two cousins Vasili and Dmitri for the throne of Moscow. While Vasili briefly lost control of the throne twice he regained it both times, even after being blinded and imprisoned by his cousin Dmitri. Vasili's victory finally put to rest the principle of collateral succession.

The other important events of Vasili's reign were the rejection of the Council of Florence in which the Byzantine Patriarch had agreed to aknowledge the supremacy of the Pope. Vasili rejected this concession and maintained the independence of the Russian Orthodox Church. Vasili's reign also saw the collapse of the Golden Horde and its break up into three smaller Khanates. While this did not end Mongol control of Russia it did greatly weaken it.

Preceded by:
Vasili I
List of Russian Tsars Succeeded by:
Ivan III (Ivan the Great)