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Valencia (disambiguation)

Valencia redirects to the article on the city of Valencia, Spain.

Several different territorial divisions in Spain, centred on the city of Valencia, have been called "Valencia":


  1. Comunidad Valenciana: Autonomous region of Spain.
  2. Valencia (province): Province of the Comunitat Valenciana, Spain.


  1. Valencian country, or País Valencià: historical denomination of the Comunitat Valenciana.
  2. Kingdom of Valencia: ancient kingdom created by James I of Aragon in the 13th century. See Kings of Aragon.
  3. Valencia (region): Region of Spain, old administrative denomination from 1833 to 1982.

Places named Valencia in the Americas:

  1. Valencia, Venezuela
  2. Valencia, California, United States of America
  3. Valencia, New Mexico, United States of America
  4. Valencia, Pennsylvania, United States of America
  5. Valencia County, New Mexico, United States of America
  6. Valencia West, Arizona, United States of America


  1. Valencia orange