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Uriah Heep

See Uriah Heep (band) for the musical group

Uriah Heep is a fictional character created by Charles Dickens in his novel David Copperfield. The character is notable for his cloying humility, obsequiousness, and general insincerity. His constant references to David as "Master Copperfield" are repeated so often by Dickens that they quickly seem insincere. He is the central antagonist of the later part of the book. David first meets him when he is leaving with Mr. Wickfield and his daughter Agnes. Uriah works as Mr. Wickfields clerk and because of Mr. Wickfield's alcoholism Uriah controls most of his life and business. He eventually succeeds in having himself raised to being a full partner in the business. His eventual ambition is to marry Agnes and gain control of the Wikfield fortune. Like most of Dicken's vilains, greed is his main motivation. Heep is eventually stymied by David and Agnes. He is sent to prison where he is a model prisoner.

While much of David Copperfield is autobiographical there is no evidence that Heep was based on a character in Dicken's life.