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Uriah Heep (band)

Uriah Heep was a progressive rock and heavy metal band, formed in the late 1960s in Britain. Their debut album was Very 'eavy...Very 'umble, but was self-titled in the United States. Their second album, Salisbury was squarely in the progressive rock genre. In spite of their huge popularity in Britain, Uriah Heep was never able to break into the American audiences in a big way, with the exception of one hit song, "Easy Livin'", from their 1972 album release Demons and Wizards. The band released several successful albums in the 1970s, but their audience declined during the 1980s, to the point where they became essentially a cult band.

Mick Box: Lead guitar/vocals
Lee Kerslake - Drums/vocals
Bernie Shaw - Lead vocals
Trevor Bolder - Bass guitar/vocals
Phil Lanzon - Keyboards/vocals