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University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield is a university located in Sheffield, England. It was founded in 1905 and currently has 23,000 students. It is part of the Russell Group of Universities.

The university is known for its engineering faculty and its departments of archaeology and architecture.

University of Sheffield

© University of Sheffield
Motto: "Rerum Cognoscere Causas" (To Discover the Causes of Things)
Vice-Chancellor Bob Boucher
School type State
Religious affiliation None
Founded 1905
Location Sheffield, England
Enrollment 17,000 undergrad., 5,000 postgrad.
Faculty 5,500
Campus surroundings Urban
Sports teams BUSA league

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The Sheffield School of Medicine was founded in 1828. This was supplemented in 1870 by the opening of Firth College by Mark Firth, a steel manufacturer, to teach arts and science subjects. The college funded the opening of the Sheffield Technical School was founded in 1884 to teach applied science. The three institutions merged in 1897 to form the University College of Sheffield, which received a royal charter in 1905, and became the University of Sheffield. The university grew slowly until the 1950s, when new buildings were constructed and student numbers increased to their present levels.


The centre of the University of Sheffield’s campus lies one mile to the west of Sheffield city centre. This includes the students' union, the original Firth Court building, the Geography building, the Alfred Denny Building housing natural sciences and a small museum, the Dainton Building housing chemistry and the Hicks Building housing mathematics and physics. The Grade II star listed university library and the Arts Tower are also located here.

East of the central campus lies the Mappin Street campus. This includes the faculty of engineering (partly housed in the Grade II listed Mappin Building) and departments of management and computer science. The university maintains the Turner Museum of Glass here. The university has acquired the nearby former Jessop Hospital, and plans to convert this to house more departments.

West of the central campus lies parkland, the Sheffield City Museum and Mappin Art Gallery, the university's sports facilities and the faculties of law and medicine, the latter housed in the city's extensive teaching hospitals.

Further west still lie the six university halls of residence and the music department, in the Broomhill and Crookes areas of the city. Nursing is mainly taught on the Manvers campus, between Rotherham and Barnsley.


The University of Sheffield is headed by a vice-chancellor, and an honorary chancellor. Today, it's organised in seven faculties:

Faculty of Architectural Studies
Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Pure Science
Faculty of Social Sciences

Students and Faculty

The University of Sheffield's 23,000 students arrive mostly from the
UK, but 2,500 are international students, many from Malaysia.

The university employs 5,500 staff in its faculties, including 1,100 professors and lecturers.

Student Union, Sports and Traditions

The University of Sheffield Union of Students is the largest in the UK, with two bars, three club venues, nearly one hundred student societies and a turnover of around £8,000,000.

The union is generally left-wing, and is run by a variety of working, representative and standing committees, presided over by the Union Assembly and eight elected full-time sabbatical officers. It is a constituent member of the National Union of Students.

A union group publishes the Steel Press newspaper fortnightly, while another runs the Sure FM radio station, which usually broadcasts city-wide for two months a year. A third group, sheffieldbase, maintains a news-based website.

Sheffield supports a large number of student societies and sports teams. Every year, some of these teams win their BUSA championships. Sheffield University Bankers play top-flight hockey in the national first division.

As part of the rag week, University of Sheffield students used to take part in the Pyjama Jump pub crawl, dressed only in their nightwear, in mid-winter. This event was banned in 1997 following the hospitalisation of several students.

Another rag week tradition is the Spiderwalk, a fifty mile trek through the city and the Peak District, the first half through the night.

Noted University of Sheffield Faculty

Angela Carter (1976 - 78), author
Joanne Harris (2000), author
Hans Krebs (1935 - 54), biochemist
George Porter (1955 - 66), chemist

Noted University of Sheffield Alumni

David Blunkett (BA Political Theory and Institutions 1972), politician
Eddie Izzard, comedian
Amy Johnson (BA Economics 1926), pilot
Harold Kroto (BSc Chemistry 1961, PhD 1964), chemist
Richard Roberts (BSc Chemistry 1965, PhD 1968), geneticist
Helen Sharman (BSc Chemistry 1984), astronaut

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