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United States Greenback Party

The Greenback Party was an American political party that was active between 1874 and 1884. Its name referred to paper money, or "greenbacks", that had been issued during the American Civil War and afterward. The party advocated issuing large amounts of money, believing this would help people, especially farmers, by raising prices and making debts easier to pay. It was established as a political party whose members were primarily farmers who were financially hurt by the Panic of 1873.

The Greenback Party was founded at a meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana, on November 25, 1874. It was originally called the Independent National Party. In 1878, 14 members of the party were elected to the United States Congress. In 1880 the Greenback Party broadened its platform to include support for an income tax, an eight-hour day, and allowing women the right to vote. The party's influence declined quickly, and after 1884 it was no longer a force in American politics.

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