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Unité Radicale

Unité Radical was a French radical far-right political group. It was founded in June 1998 from the merger of Groupe Union Défense and Nouvelle Résistance/Jeune Résistance/Union des Cercles Résistance, and dissolved in on August 6, 2002.

Unité Radicale did not care too much about establishing a single ideology. All trends of the racist far-right seemed to be present, including neo-nazis, fascists and white supremacists. Apparently, their antisemitism was greater for their loathing of Muslim and Arab immigrants, for one of their slogans was In Gaza or in Paris, Intifada (against the perceived Jewish threat). Other political lines included opposing imperialism and the increasingly merchandization of society.

They sympathized with Bruno Mégret and supported Jean-Marie Le Pen for president.

Collaborators to their Web site included Roland Gaucher.

An Unité Radicale alleged member, Maxime Brunerie, tried to assassinate president Jacques Chirac on Bastille Day in 2002. Although Unité Radicale contended that Maxime Brunerie was not even a bona fide member, the French government administratively dissolved the group.

Predictably, former members of Unité Radicale formed another group, Les Identitaires.