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Undead is a collective name for all types of corporeal and non-corporeal entities who were once alive in the normal sense, died, and then continued to exist in the world of the living. Undead of different varieties are featured in the legends of most cultures on earth and in many works of fiction, especially fantasy fiction and horror fiction.

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1 Examples of undead

Examples of undead


Corporeal undead still have a tangible body of some sort.


Non-corporeal undead have no tangible form, but exist in the world of the living as
spirit entities.

D&D Based Examples

Note: Not necessarily based on real legends.

See also: fantasy bestiary

In Dungeons & Dragons and similar systems, clerics can attempt to "turn" undead: to repel or banish them by the power of their faith, or by wielding a sacred artifact or relic. This is derived from the traditional notion that vampires could be repelled by the cross.

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's novel Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus introduced another variant on the dead that walk again, the dead brought back to 'life' by science.

Any number of films have been made concerning the undead.

In the Lorien Trust LARP system, the word unliving is used as a preferential synonym.