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Ujjal Dosanjh

Ujjal Dosanjh succeeded Glen Clark to become leader of British Columbia's NDP and BC's 33rd Premier on February 24, 2000. Notably, this made him Canada's first Indo-Canadian Premier.

When Dosanjh took office, the NDP government was deeply unpopular, due to the lingering controversy around former leader and premier Glen Clark, and Dosanjh proved unable to distance himself from the controversy. Most notably, as Attorney-General, he had been the person who announced the criminal investigation against Clark, which forced Clark's resignation.

Dosanjh led the NDP to overwhelming defeat in the 2001 provincial election, winning just two of 79 seats. With the accession of Liberal premier Gordon Campbell, Mr. Dosanjh returned to practicing law and Joy MacPhail became interim leader of the NDP.

It is often rumored that he may soon recieve a job with the federal Liberal Party of Canada, under Prime Minister Paul Martin.

Preceded by:
Dan Miller
List of British Columbia premiers Succeeded by:
Gordon Campbell