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Ueno Station

Ueno Station (上野駅; -eki) is a main railway station in Tokyo's Taitō ward. A major commuter hub, it is also the traditional terminus for long distance trains from the north of Japan, although with the extension of the Shinkansen lines to Tokyo Station this role has diminished in recent years.

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Underground (subway):


JR Shinkansen:

Adjacent Stations

Ginza Line Inarichō Ueno Ueno-hirokōji
Hibiya Line Iriya Ueno Naka-okachimachi
Jōban Line Nippori Ueno  
Keihin-Tōhoku Line Uguisudani Ueno Okachimachi
Takasaki Line Oku Ueno  
Tōhoku Main Line Oku Ueno  
Yamanote Line Uguisudani Ueno Okachimachi
Shinkansen Ōmiya Ueno Tokyo

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