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According to Theophylaktos Simokattes, Uar along with the Hunnoi are the names associated with the two biggest tribes of "Procopius's White Huns" called Varkhon or Varkunites (Ouarkhonitai) by Menander perhaps inspired by the name of the God Vulcan. They settled Europe in the Balkans and Pannonia. They are supposed to have united around 460 under the rule of one of the 5 Yuezhi families - the Hephthal.

Simokattes's term Uar (also sometimes written War or Var) is quite reminicient of the Hephthalite's self designation Hua according to the Chinese classic Liang chih-kung-t'u and are identified as the "true" Avars of the east and the true political force behind what he calls the "pseudo" Avars who eventually settled down in Transylvania.

According to Theophylaktos Simokattes though the White Huns were initially composed of two nations: the Uar and the Hion tribes, they were also joined near the end of the 6th century by the Zabender, Tarnach and Kotzagerek Huns. During the 7th century the Bulgars who were also part of their empire revolted. These six groups were joined around 670 by Kuber's Onogurs from whom the name Hungary derives. The Onogurs themselves were composed of three(?) elements. See also Kabars.

The subjugation of the Uighurs by the Var is a claim which raises its head from time to time. The story goes that one branch of the Juan Juan was called Uar (if true we need a solid original source reference and Chinese character), and they were placed at the head of the Uighurs after subjugating them (need original source references). Are the "Uar/Var" people in question the same as Hua (滑)?

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