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Tyrol (state)

Tyrol (Tirol in German) is a federal state or Bundesland, located in the west of Austria.

Historical references to Tyrol (before WWI) include todays Tyrol, South Tyrol and East Tyrol

The mountainous region neighbors to Vorarlberg in the west and Salzburg and Carinthia in the east. It is split into two parts, separated by a 10-20 km wide band of the state Salzburg. The northern and southern borders of the larger (western) part constitute Austria's borders to Bavaria, Germany in the North and Bozen-Bolzano, Italy in the South.

The capital is Innsbruck. The town is known for its university, especially the modern techniques in medicine. Tyrol is popular for its famous skiing resorts, such as Kitzbühel or St.Anton. Other larger towns are Kufstein, Schwaz, Reutte and Landeck.

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