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TWERPS (The World's Easiest RolePlaying System) is a role-playing game published by the American company Gamescience. Originally intended as a parody of the genre, its simple structure and humourous nature made it popular. A number of "supplements" were published covering genres such as Star Trek, Superheroes and Fantasy.

The TWERPS system was sold as a series of ziplocked leaflets. Each installment often came with cardboard counters and little card play maps inscribed with hexes. Some of the installments also came with a plastic dice.

The game is available at the GameStation (see link below), and occasionally available on EBay and at gaming shows. There are several TWERPS fan pages online, too. The Yahoo! group, howtodoeveryting (see link below)has a fairly comprehensive list.

TWERPS was written by Jeff and Amanda Dee. Jeff Dee also co-wrote Villains and Vigilantes, published by Fantasy Games Unlimited.

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