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Tupolev Tu-154

Tu-154M of KMV Avia at Moscow airport

The Tupolev Tu-154 is the most popular Russian jetliner.

It is in active service throughout the states of the former Soviet Union as a medium- to long-range airliner.

The Tu-154 sometimes is called the 'Tu-134 with everything thrice'. It has three rear-mounted Kuznetsov NK-8-2 jet engines, arranged like the Pratt and Whitney engines on the Boeing 727. The Tu-154M is a stretched version of the Tu-154, with more powerful Soloviev engines.

Like many Russian aircraft, it is known for its sturdy construction - its fourteen big low-pressure tyres enable it to land on snow-covered unpaved runways without sustaining serious damage. In common with many other Tupolev aircraft, these heavy landing gears are stored in nacelles extending from the trailing edge of the wings.

One of the more radical projects based on this aircraft is the methane-powered Tu-155 and Tu-156. The Tu-155 prototype uses methane fuel for its central engine, while in the Tu-156 all three engines are adapted for methane burning.