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Triumph Stag

Triumph Stag

The Triumph Stag was a luxury sports car developed by Triumph Motor Company in the 1970s.

Developed from the Triumph 2000 MkII, the Stag offered luxury, performance and value for money in a distinctive 4-seater coupe body. As a convertible with a removable hardtop as well as a stowable soft-top, it was powered by a unique Triumph V8 engine and rode on all-independent suspension.

Construction broke with Triumph sports car tradition by being unitary, and featured an integral roof rollbar. The walnut trimmed, fully equipped cockpit emphasised the "tourer" image.

Only 25,877 cars were produced between 1970-1977 (most being automatics). Despite being innovative in many areas, it's commercial success was badly damaged due to engine overheating problems.

Two models were produced, the MkI (1971-1973) and MkII (1973-1977).

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