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Treaty of Passarowitz

Treaty of Passarowitz is a peace treaty signed in Pozarevac (German Passarowitz), Serbia on July 21, 1718 between the Ottoman Empire on one side and the Austria and Venice on the other. In the years 1714-1718, the Turks had been successful against Venice in Greece and Crete, but had been defeated in 1716 at Petrovaradin by the Austrian troops led by Prince Eugene of Savoy. The treaty reflected the military situation. Turkey lost the Banat of Temesvar, northern Serbia (including Belgrade), northern Bosnia and Lesser Walachia to Austria. Venice lost its possessions on the Peloponnesus peninsula and on Crete, gained by the Treaty of Carlowitz to Turkey, retaining only the Ionian Islands and Dalmatia. Belgrade and Lesser Walachia were regained by Turkey in 1839 by the Treaty of Belgrade.