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Tomis (also called Tomi) was a Greek colony in the province of Scythia on the Black Sea's shore, founded around 500 BC for commercial exchanges with local Dacian populations.

In 29 BC the Romans captured the region from the Odryses, and annexed it as far as the Danube, under the name of Limes Scythicus.

In 8 AD, here Ovid was banished by Augustus and died there eight years later, celebrating the town of Tomis in his poems.

The city was afterwards included in the Province of Moesia, and, from the time of Diocletian, in Scythia Minor, of which it was the metropolis.

It then belonged to Byzantines, Bulgarians, Turks and then to Romanians since 1878. Today, this city is called Constanţa and it is located in Romania.