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Togakure Ryu

The Togakure ryu is a Ninpo/Ninjutsu ryuha that was founded at least 900 years ago by Daisuke Nishina (Togakure), who had learnt shugendo practices as well as hakuun ryu ninjutsu from Kagakure Doshi.

The school contained Yon-po Hiden (Four Secrets): Senban Shuriken (Four pointed throwing star), Shuko to (Jap. and) Ashiko (Spiked bands worn on hands {Shuko} and sometimes feet {Ashiko}, for climbing), Shinodake (A tube used as a snorkel or blowgun) and Kyoketsu Shoge (A peculiar blade attached to cord which is in turn attached to a heavy ring)

Of course it also contained Taijutsu etc.

Formal Techniques of Togakure ryu

The Kyoketsu Shoge had no formal techniques.

The Togakure ryu is taught only in Bujinkan, Genbukan, and Jinenkan; but those schools contain Samurai arts that they tend to focus on.