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TIGR (abbreviation for Trst (Trieste), Istra (Istria), Gorica (Gorizia) and Reka (Rijeka)) was a Slovenian first antifascist national-defensive organization in Europe of Primorje Slovenians (Primorski Slovenci) active between 1927 and 1941. Organization has connected all Slovenians of all social classes and of different ideological views. Many members of this organization were connected with British intelligence services and many of them were military trained. The organization wasn't invited to join the OF (Liberty front) of Slovenian nation in 1941 but many members of TIGR later in 1943, after the capitulation of Italy, joined Slovenian partisan's brigades, specially to Oversea brigades (Prekomorske brigade).

In 1930 fascists discovered some TIGR's cells and five members of TIGR were killed at Bazovica. When Mussolini visited Kobarid in 1938 some members of TIGR planed an attempt on his life, which did not succeed. In 1941 nine members of TIGR were killed. Although organization stopped to operate the Communist party of Slovenia (KPS) constantly very carefully monitored over the actions of some TIGR's individual members.

In 1997 on a behalf of the 50th anniversary of annexation of Primorje to the mainlaind of Slovenia organization TIGR was awarded by the president of Slovenia Milan Kučan with the Golden Honourable Mark of Freedom of the Republic of Slovenia (Zlati častni znak svobode republike Slovenije)

TIGR is also abbreviation for The Institute for Genomic Research, which was founded in 1992 in Rockville, Maryland, USA.

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