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The War

The War was the nickname given by promoter Bob Arum to boxing's world Middleweight championship bout between world champion Marvin Hagler and challenger Thomas Hearns, who was himself the world's Jr. Middleweight champion.

Given the way in which both men had won their latest fights, the fight, held at the Caesars Palace hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 15 of 1985, built a quite interested media's attention and was seen in many countries around the world. In the United States and Puerto Rico, it was broadcast by HBO and WAPA-TV, for example.

Hagler won by a knockout in three rounds, but not without sustaining a dangerous cut first. The first round of this bout was considered by Ring Magazine as the greatest round in boxing history and Ring magazine also called this fight the most electrifying 8 minutes ever.

The War is also a 1994 Hollywood production starring Elijah Wood as Stu Simmons and Kevin Costner as his dad. A beautiful growing-up tale set in the American South after the Vietnam War.

Kevin Costner plays a shell-shocked Vietnam Veteran whose emotional issues prevent him from being able to hold down a job and cater for his empoverished family. Stu Simmons (Elijah Wood), his sister and their friends while the summer away building a tree house, and learn their own lessons about war and peace in a conflict with a neighbouring gang of kids that seek to destroy what they have built. Some of Elijah Wood's best acting pre-Lord of the Rings, the film gained him a young actor's award.

The movie was produced by Island World, and distributed by Universal Pictures, United International Pictures, and Argentina Video Home. Eric Eisner executive produced.

In addition to that, many people refer to World War II as The War, and before that World War I was often known by this monker.