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The Village Voice

The Village Voice is a popular New York City weekly news tabloid, featuring investigative articles, society, current affairs, culture, and listings for New York City. It was the first and is arguably the best known of the so-called alternative weeklies that sprang up in the 1960s.

The Voice was founded by Dan Wolf, Ed Fancher and Norman Mailer in the fall of 1955. It has published groundbreaking investigations of New York City politics, as well as reporting on local and national politics, with arts, culture, music, dance, film and theater reviews.

The Voice has published many well-known writers, including Ezra Pound, Henry Miller, Katherine Anne Porter, James Baldwin, e. e. cummings, Ted Hoagland, Tom Stoppard, Lorraine Hansberry, Jerry Tallmer, Allen Ginsberg, Murray Kempton, I.F. Stone, Pete Hamill, and Roger Wilkins.

Former editors have included Dan Wolf, Clay Felker, Tom Morgan, Marianne Partridge, David Schneiderman, Robert Friedman, Marty Gottlieb, Jonathan Larsen, and Karen Durbin.

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