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E. E. Cummings

Edward Estlin Cummings (October 14, 1894 - September 3, 1962) was a poet and writer.

His first book of poetry came from his 1922 manuscript, Tulips & Chimneys. However, he was writing poetry as early as 1904 (age 10). His poetry is a complete rejection of formal poetry -- traditional stanzas consisting of metered lines are rare for Cummings. His signature style is best summarized as all-lowercase words or parts of words scattered across the page, often making little sense until read aloud -- at which point the beauty and strength of his genius becomes clear. His talent extends to children's books, novels, and painting as well.

The name is sometimes written in lowercase, e. e. cummings. However, according to Norman Friedman writing in the Journal of the E. E. Cummings Society, (Spring 1, 1992), his name should be spelled "normally" -- E. E. Cummings. [1]. In his poetry, Cummings engaged in many typographical experiments. The lowercase form of his name was a conceit for a cover design by one of his publishers that stuck although it was never actually used by Cummings.

Below is a list of his published books: