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The Ridgeway

The Ridgeway is a long distance path for rambling in the UK that starts at Overton Hill near Avebury and heads northeast for 85 miles to finish at Ivinghoe Beacon near Tring, passing through the towns of Streatley and Wendover.

On the way it passes through or past the following sites of interest: Barbury Castle, Wayland's Smithy, and Uffington Castle and its white horse (which unfortunately is not visible from the path). It also passes over Victory Drive, the private drive of Chequers.

The path varies from chalk-rutted farm paths, to green lanes (which can be extremely muddy after rain) and small sections of metalled and tarmac roads. Most of the path is either a Bridleway or a BOAT so will be shared with horse-riders, bikes and motor-bikes.