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The Haunted

The Haunted are a Swedish metal band, formed in 1997. The original members were Patrick Jensen (guitars), Jonas Bjorler (bass guitar), Adrian Erlandsson (drums), Anders Bjorler (guitars), and Peter Dolving (vocals). Anders and Jonas are twins. The current drummer is Per Moller Jensen. The band formed after the breakup of At the Gates, a pioneer band in the Swedish death metal scene, of which Jonas, Anders, and Adrian were members. All members (past and present) are from Göteborg, with the exception of Per Moller Jensen, who is from Denmark, and Patrick Jensen, who is from Stockholm. They combined the sounds of 1980s Bay Area thrash acts like Metallica and Forbidden, as well as Los Angeles thrash bands Slayer and Dark Angel, with the local Swedish death metal stylings of such bands as Dark Tranquility and also some influences of hardcore punk rock, mainly in the vocals. The released their first album, self-titled, in 1998. Their second album Made Me Do It, released in 2000, was more melodic and resembled the "Gothenburg" style (At the Gates, etc) more than old-school thrash and speed metal. The subsequently released their live album "Live Rounds in Tokyo" (2001) packaged with a reissue of Made Me Do It. Their most recent album was released in February of 2003, "One Kill Wonder". These last two albums featured Marco Aro on vocals, but recently (October, 2003), Marco has left and original vocalist Peter Dolving has rejoined.