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The Animatrix

The Animatrix is a collection of nine computer animation and anime shorts set in the world of The Matrix, partly written by the Wachowski brothers. Each short is directed by a different acclaimed anime director. It includes "The Second Renaissance" (the prequel to The Matrix), "Final Flight of the Osiris" (which sets the scene for both The Matrix Reloaded and Enter the Matrix), and the back story on The Kid ("Kid's Story") as well as well as 5 other shorts that reveal other mysteries of the Matrix world.

The Animatrix was released on DVD by Warner Bros on June 3, 2003.

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List of shorts in DVD play order

  1. "Final Flight of the Osiris" (written by the Wachowski brothers)
  2. "The Second Renaissance" Part 1 (written by the Wachowski brothers)
  3. "The Second Renaissance" Part 2 (written by the Wachowski brothers)
  4. "Kid's Story" (written by the Wachowski brothers)
  5. "Program"
  6. "World Record"
  7. "Beyond"
  8. "A Detective Story"
  9. "Matriculated"

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