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Matrix series

The Matrix series spans major motion pictures, Japanese animation, and video games in an attempt to tell a story that's part science fiction, part modern myth, with elements of computer science, philosophy of mind, Christianity, Gnosticism, Buddhism, classical mythology, and other influences.

The series began with 1999's The Matrix, continuing in 2003 with several Animatrix episodes released on the official site for the series. In May 2003, The Matrix Reloaded, the first sequel, was released. Enter the Matrix was released at the same time; it was the first video game related to the films and interspersed gameplay with scenes shot for The Matrix Reloaded which were not featured in the film. On the sequel's heels followed the full Animatrix DVD with nine animated shorts set in the world created by the Wachowski brothers. November 5, 2003 saw both the conclusion to the film trilogy and an unprecedented worldwide release of a major motion picture when The Matrix Revolutions hit cinema screens worldwide at exactly the same time. The Matrix Online, which is a MMORPG that is set to release in 2004, is supposed to conclude the series.

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