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The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan

The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan is an animated cartoon series made in the 1970s. In it, Mr. Chan and his ten children solves mysteries around the world, with the children helping their father in every episode.

; Scotland Yard: A priceless stone is stolen and the Chan Clan must help get it back. ; The crown jewel caper: The Crown Jewels have disappeared from their case. ; To catch a pitcher: A famous pitcher is missing and feared kidnapped. ; Will the real Charlie Chan please stand up?: The Chan Clan must find the impersonator who is framing Mr. Chan for the hotel robberies. ; The phantom sea thief: A mysterious thief steals a painting during the Chan Clan's performance aboard a cruise ship. ; Eye of the idol: A thief uses a smoke bomb to distract the Chan Clan and everyone in the room while he steals a jewelled idol's eye. ; Fat lady caper: The fat lady seems to disappear when a bank robber is on the loose. ; Captain Kidd's doubloons: While in Trinidad, the Chan Clan must solve the theft of the doubloons. ; Bronze idol: A con artist uses the idol to trick the villagers into giving it more pearls. Also, a prince is kidnapped and then replaced by an impostor. ; The great illusion caper: A magician's dog has been stolen and the Chans help find her. ; The mummy's tomb: A golden coffin of a famous pharaoh is stolen. ; The mardi gras caper: A valuable ring has been stolen. ;"Gypsy Caper" a valuable icon is stolen and the Chan clan must find it. ;"Green caper": while in Greece the famous winged goddess Venus's statue is stolen and Mr. Chan enlists the help of Alan to get it back. ;"White elephant": a valuable white elephant that belonged to the Maharajah has been stole and the Chan clan must help find it. ; The gypsy caper: A mural has been stolen. While on the case, Stanley accidentally makes Henry swallow a clock. ; The green caper: A statue of the winged goddess Athena is stolen in Greece and replced by a plaster copy. Mr. Chan enlists Alan's help to find it. ; White elephant: The Maharaja's white elephant Sing Ha disappears from the elephant enclosure when they are feeding it, and is feared stolen.