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  1. In Greek mythology, Thalia ("good cheer") was the muse of comedy and pastoral poetry. She was a rural goddess with the attributes of a comic mask and a shepherd's crook.
  2. The name of one of the Charites
  3. A nymph, with Zeus or Hephaestus, the mother of the Palici (may be the same as #1 or #2 above)

Thalia is the artistic name of a famous Mexican Diva. She starred in Televisa's soap operas like Maria Mercedes, Maria La Del Barrio and Marimar. She also starred in Mambo Cafe, a Hollywood production in which she played a Puerto Rican woman with Paul Rodriguez as her father.

Thalia lives in New York, where she married Sony Music President Tommy Mottola. Her two sisters, Laura Zapata and an unidentified one, were kidnapped recently but Zapata was found alive by Mexican police. Her other sister was also released alive.

See also: Gloria Trevi.