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Texas 7

The Texas 7 were a group of criminals who escaped from the John Connally Unit in Kenedy, Texas.

The group was composed of the following criminals:

On December 13, 2000, the criminals put forth a complicated and elaborate scheme which would break themselves free from the prison, ultimately driving out in a white prison truck. The warden grew embarrassed over the escape, since modifications in procedures would have prevented it.

The white prison truck was found near a Wal-Mart. The Texas seven first went into San Antonio right after breaking out of the complex. The next day on December 14, they were running out of funds, so they robbed a Radio Shack in Pearland, Texas.

On December 19, four of the members checked into an Econo Lodge motel under assumed names. They would plot out which target to hit next.

They later decided to rob an Oshman's sports store in Irving, Texas. On December 24, 2000, which was Christmas Eve, they held up the store and stole a lot of weapons. Irving police officer Aubrey Hawkins came to the scene, but was shot dead before the gang fled the scene. A $100,000 reward was then offered to whomever could snare the group of criminals. The reward would climb to $500,000 before the denouement of the escape.

Wayne Holder, the owner of an RV Park in Woodland Park, Colorado, happened to watch America's Most Wanted on January 20, 2001. He found that the Texas 7, whom were being compared to Angel Maturino Resendiz, were in his trailer park. When he confirmed this, he reported the suspicious activities to local authorities the next day on January 21. SWAT Teams found three of the members, Garcia, Rodriguez, and Rivas, in a Jeep Cherokee. They then found Halprin and Harper in an RV. Halprin surrendered peacefully, but Harper committed suicide with a pistol. The surviving four members found so far had been arrested.

On January 23, they received information about the whereabouts of the last two. They were hiding out in a Holiday Inn in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The two, Newbury and Murphy, made some live radio broadcasts before they were arrested. Both of them harshly denounced the state's justice system, with Newbury adding "the system is as corrupt as we are."

Authorities later found out that a woman named Patsy Gomez conspired with a man named Raul Rodriguez to help the Texas 7.

George Rivas had been sentenced to death after being extradited to Texas.

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