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Aubrey Hawkins

Aubrey Hawkins (1971-December 24, 2000) was an Irving, Texas police officer whom was shot dead at age 29 by the Texas 7 at a robbery of a sports store in Irving on December 24, 2000.

Aubrey had been with the department for fourteen months before his death. He was eating a Christmas Eve dinner with his wife and 9-year old son when he got a call about the robbery. Hawkins came to the Oshman's that was being robbed in three minutes.

Hawkins went towards the rear of the store while another went towards the front. However, the Texas 7 were also departing from the freight door. They fired twenty to twenty-five bullets at him that went through the car body. He had no chance of escaping, since he had no time to respond. The men then dragged him out of the car door and shot him several times in the back and head. They then stole his handgun and climbed into the store manager's Ford Explorer and ran over his head three times, before taking off.

A fellow police officer found him lying next to his car. He was airlifted to the Parkland Hospital, but he died there.

His death gained notoriety for the criminal group, who were arrested in January in Colorado.