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In Roman mythology, Terminus was the god of boundaries. The stones used to mark borders were sacred to him.

On February 23, the Terminalia was held in his honor. The stone boundary-markers were drenched in sacrificial blood and place on flowers to renew its protective powers. The stone was later thought of as a god.

Jupiter was worshipped as Jupiter Terminus or Jupiter Terminalus. He fit into the same role as the independent god Terminus.

Terminus was also the original name of the city of Atlanta, named not for the god but for being the terminus (end) of many of the South's railroad lines. The name was soon changed to Marthasville, and Atlanta soon after that.

Terminus is the name of the home planet of the Foundation in Isaac Asimov's Foundation series.

Terminus is also the title of a game by Vicarious Visions. Terminus is a space-flight role-playing/action game. In Story mode, the player chooses one of four careers (United Earth League military, Mars Consortium militia, Marauder Pirate Clan, mercenary) and follows Terminus' single-player storyline, set in the year 2197. Terminus is unusual among RPGs in that the player's actions can affect the ending of the storyline. Failing a mission, for example, may lead to a different ending than would have occurred if the mission had succeeded. In Free mode, the player chooses a career and does the same as in Story mode, except there will be no storyline missions. In Gauntlet mode, the player outfits a ship with near-infinite money at their disposal, and faces several waves of attackers, with the object of staying alive for as long as possible.

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