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Tempelhof International Airport

Tempelhof International Airport (Flughafen Tempelhof) is an airport in Berlin, Germany, situated in the south-of-downtown borough of Tempelhof-Schöneberg. The airport's IATA Airport Code is THF. Tempelhof is often called the "City Airport". Tempelhof mostly has commuter flights to other parts of Germany and neighboring countries. Originally constructed as a showpiece airport by Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich, and designed in the shape of huge German Adler (Eagle), the massive, granite terminal received politicians and celebrities from around the world during the 1930s.

Rumored to have housed military aircraft factories in its underground basements, Tempelhof served as a German fighter base during World War II. It subsequently fell under American jurisdiction during the post-war, allied occupation, and played a major part in the Berlin Airlift resupply of a surrounded city from 1948 to 1949.

An American military airbase throughout the duration of the Cold War, Tempelhof was returned to the German government after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

On 6 November 2002, Luxair Flight 9642 crashed on final approach to Luxembourg on a flight from Tempelhof. 20 out of 22 passengers and crew perished.

After the presentation of the building permit for Schönefeld International Airport to become Berlin Brandenburg International Airport, Tempelhof will close (sometime in 2004). The airport currently only receives limited passenger service, as such, it will be closed when Berlin Brandenburg International Airport opens. The terminal is likely to be preserved, though.

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