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"I have made recent discoveries of inestimable value which are referred in the marked passage of the clipping enclosed ... [possibly "Dr. Tesla Visions the End of Aircraft In War," Syracuse Herald, October 21, 1934]. The flying machine has completely demoralized the world, so much that in some cities, as London and Paris, people are in mortal fear from aerial bombing. The new means I have perfected afford absolute protection against this and other forms of attack." - Nikola Tesla (letter to J. P. Morgan, Jr. on November 29, 1934)

Teleforce refers to Nikola Tesla's macroscopic particle beam projector, first mentioned in the New York Sun, July 10, 1934. This system Tesla mentioned was a method to ultilize a specialized particle-beam type projector. As can be seen from Tesla's words written in a letter to J. P. Morgan, Jr., the Teleforce invention was intended to be used as an instrument systems primarily of national defense akin to an invisible "Chinese Wall of Defense". Tesla stated that nations, when detecting invading armies, could destroy thier opponent's military units and reduce incoming ariel craft as far as 200 to 250 miles away. Teleforce can, reportedly, be used alternatively for communication and in techniques for the location of subterranean mineral deposits. It is unknow if Tesla every built a model of the Teleforce system, though, in 1937, Tesla remarks, "But it is not an experiment ... I have built, demonstrated, and used it. Only a little time will pass before I can give it to the world"

Teleforce principles, supposedly, would introduced a new generalization of physics. The concepts of teleforce is reasonablely founded on the alternating current polyphase wireless transmission systems developed by Telsa and is related to general mechanical energy principles. It ultilized Tesla's theory of "telegeodynamics (i.e., Tesla's mechanical earth-resonance theory). Inaddition, the principles of wirelessly transcieving high potentials (in the millions of volts) and transmitting high tension currents on narrow radiant energy ultraviolet ionizing beams by means of conductive rarefied gasous mediums (similar to the means of artifically creating auroral displays) are incorporated (and thus eliminates the need of a high vacuum). The width of the beam would be down to one hundred-millionth of a square centimeter.

Teleforce applications must meet four conditions:

  1. Produce a large electrical force (in the range of potential of 50,000,000 volts).
  2. Produce rays "and other manifestations of energy" in natural mediums.
  3. Generate a force amplification (or, use principles of his reciprocating engine).
  4. and, Generate an electrical repelling force (and this primarily being used in the projector, or "gun", element; this is used today in acceleratorss).

Tesla devised four inventions to accomplish these conditions, some of which he had already tested. The generating device, reportedly from some sources, is emboddied upon a large Van de Graaff generator of unique design and a special type of open-ended vacuum tube, comprising a system for the acceleration of very small charged metallic particles to prodigiously high velocity (about 48 times the speed of sound, according to Tesla). The particles were projected out of the tube by means of electrostatic repulsion. The tubes are to be designed to project a single row of highly charged particles, and there would be no dispersion whatever even at great distance (according to Tesla). Since the cross section of the wave carriers might be reduced to almost microscopic dimensions, an immense concentration of energy, practically irrespective of distance, could be attained. Specialized generation plants, Tesla estimated at that time, would cost no more than $2,000,000 (and could have been constructed in a few months).

Teleforce's mechanical power transmission system (and the associated telegeodynamics) is based, reportedly from some sources, primarily Tesla's reciprocating engine Tesla patented in 1894. The principles of operation in the mechanical oscillatorss of Tesla are well understood. The reciprocating engine patent provides a means for engines, which under the applied forces such as elastic tension of steam or gas under pressure, will yield constant oscillatory movements (in wide limits). It also functions at a constant irrespective of the loads on the system, frictional losses, or other negative factors (which degrade other engines). Primarily the enegine converts "pressure" into mechanical power. This type of system was first described in record of his time in Colorado Springs.

The principles of the operation for underground detection is not well unbderstood. Techniques for the location of subterranean mineral deposits used today may not be the same principles Tesla was citing.

A common conspiracy theory is that Tesla's "death ray" research is the basis of the HAARP Project. An associated oddity related to the teleforce concept is Tesla's activities durin the time of the Tunguska event.


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