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New York Sun

The New York Sun is a daily newspaper published at New York City which debuted April 16, 2002. It is "the first general interest broadsheet newspaper to be launched in New York in two generations".

Its owners include the former Canadian "media baron" Conrad Black, who renounced his Canadian citizenship when the Canadian government forbade him to accept a British peerage. According to an article in the Boston Globe, the paper's staff include many well-known political conservatives. Its president and editor in chief is Seth Lipsky and its managing editor Ira Stoll.

The original New York Sun began publication September 3, 1833 as a morning paper,and an evening edition began in 1887.The Morning Sun merged into the New York Herald in 1919,while the Evening Sun continued until January 4, 1950, when it merged with the New York World-Telegram to form a new paper called the World-Telegram and Sun which in 1966 became part of the New York World Journal Tribune which folded in 1967. The original Sun is best known for the editorial Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

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