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Eleven (11) is the natural number following ten and preceding twelve.

Eleven is the 5th smallest prime number, and also a repunit prime. The next prime is thirteen, with which it comprises a twin prime.

11 goes into 99 exactly 9 times, so fractions with 11 in the denominator have two digit repeating sequences in their decimal expansions. Multiples of eleven by one-digit numbers all have double digits: 00 (=0), 11, 22, 33, 44 . . .

There are eleven players in a soccer as well as in a cricket team.

An eleven-sided polygon is a hendecagon.

In base twelve and higher bases (such as hexadecimal), eleven is represented as B, where ten is A. In duodecimal, however, eleven is sometimes represented as E and ten as X.

Uri Geller has always been fascinated by the number eleven. After the September 11 World Trade Center attack, he published an open list of connections to the number eleven involved in that attack.

Being only one hour before 12:00 -- midnight -- the eleventh hour means the last possible moment to take care of something, and often implies a situation of urgent danger or emergency (see Nuclear Clock).

Eleven is also

See also: nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, integer, list of numbers.

This article is about the number. For the year AD 11, see 11.