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Tegel International Airport

Tegel International Airport is an airport in Berlin, Germany. It lies in the northwestern outskirts of the city. Tegel was Its IATA Airport Code is TXL. Tegel is referred to as the "Frequent Flyer Airport". Tegel has the most scheduled flights of the three Berlin airports.

During the Berlin Airlift in 1948 the longest runway in Europe (2.400 m) was built in Tegel. Subsequently, especially after new, modern facilities were built in the 1970s, Tegel began to replace Tempelhof International Airport as the main hub of West Berlin, as Tempelhof, being situated downtown, was too noisy and its runways were too short. During the Cold War, because of the special status of West Berlin, air traffic was restricted to Allied airlines (especially Air France, Pan American World Airways and British Airways).

When Schönefeld International Airport has become Berlin Brandenburg International Airport, Tegel will close about six months after operations will begin at BBI (sometime in 2007).

The following airlines fly to Tegel International Airport:

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