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Tashkent (Toshkent or Тошкент in Uzbek), the current capital of Uzbekistan, has in the past been called Chach, Shash and Binkent. For centuries it was an important stop on the trade route (the Silk Road) from Asia into Europe.

Due to the destruction of many of its historical buildings after the 1917 revolution and, later, to the strong earthquake in 1966, much of Tashkent's architectural heritage is now lost. Still in existence, however, the 16th century Kukeldash Madrassa, which is currently being restored as a museum. It dates back to the reign of Abdullachan (1557-1598) and now is administered by the provincial Religious Board of Mawarannahr Moslemss. The building is currently being used as a mosque. Quite near Tashkent is the tomb of Amir Temur, better known as Tamerlane, whose rule extended from India to the Mediterranean Sea.

The city boasts of:

At Latitude 41 16' North and Longitude 69 13' East, the local time in Tashkent = UTC/GMT +5 hours.