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The Tánaiste (pronounced "taw-nish-ta") is the deputy prime minister of Éire or the Republic of Ireland. The office was created in the 1937 Constitution of Ireland, replacing the previous office known as Vice-President of the Executive Council that had existed in the Irish Free State Constitution.

Tánaistithe na hÉireann

TánaisteYearsPartyLife time
Sean T. O'Kelly1937-'45Fianna Fáil1882-1966
Sean Lemass1945-'48Fianna Fáil1899-1971
William Norton1948-'51Labour1901-1960
Sean Lemass1951-'54Fianna Fáil1899-1971
William Norton1954-'57Labour1901-1960
Sean Lemass1957-'59Fianna Fáil1899-1971
Frank Aiken1959-'69Fianna Fáil1896-1983
Erskine Hamilton Childers1969-'73Fianna Fáil1905-1974
Brendan Corish1973-'77Labour1917-1990
George Colley1977-'81Fianna Fáil1926-1983
Michael O Leary1981-'82Labour1936-
Ray MacSharry1982Fianna Fáil1938
Dick Spring1982-'87Labour1950-
Peter Barry1987Fine Gael1928-
Brian Lenihan1987-'90Fianna Fáil1930-1995
John Wilson1990-'92Fianna Fáil1923-
Dick Spring1992-'97Labour1950-
Mary Harney1997-Progressive Democrats1953-