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Tadukhipa, daughter of Tusratta, King of Mitanni (reigned ca. 1382 BC - 1342 BC) and his Queen Juni.

Relatively little is known about this Princess of Mitanni. She is believed to have been born during the year 21 of the reign of Amenhotep III (ca. 1366 BC). Fifteen years later, Tusratta married his daughter to his ally Amenhotep III; the later had just entered year 36 of his reign (1351 BC). Amenhotep III died two years later (1349 BC), after forty-five years of life, and thirty-eight years on the throne. His harem was inherited by his thirteen-year-old son and heir Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten). The rest of her story is unknown.

Her identification with Nefertiti has been proposed as a a solution for both Tadukhipa's uncertain fate, and Nefertiti's uncertain past. However, others identify Tadukhipa with Kiya, who is thought to have been another Queen of Akhenaten.