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Sunne is a municipality in west central Sweden, in the county of Värmland. The municipality covers an area of 1297.3 km². Of the total population of 13619, 6810 are male, and 6809 are female. The population density of the community is 10 inhabitants per km².

This town straddles the short river connecting Övre Fryken (Northern lake) with Mellan-Fryken (Southern lake). Printing and packaging are significant industries in Sunne, with plants for companies such as Tetra Pak and Miller Graphics, the local college provides a specialist course in printing technology.

Sven-Göran Eriksson, the English football team's coach, has a house on the outskirts of the town. Sunne was the home of the Nobel Prize in Literature winner Selma Lagerlöf after whom the town's two hotels are named. In the Summer there is a large music festival. Also the prominent Swedish author Göran Tunström was born and raised in Sunne.

Karlstad, which has an international airport, is the nearest large city.

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