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Suliban are a starfaring and race in the Star Trek universe. They are primarily known through the activities of a sect known as the Cabal. Their name is a play on 'Taliban'.

Table of contents
1 Suliban Biology & Culture
2 Suliban Technology
3 Suliban History

Suliban Biology & Culture

Humanoid in appearance, Suliban are hairless and have pale yellow skin covered with small bumps like a lemon. Suliban are looked down upon and feared because of the actions of the Cabal.

Suliban Technology

The only Suliban technology seen to date has been employed by the Cabal, so how much of it originated as a product of the Temporal Cold War is unrevealed.

Suliban History

Some time in the 1800s, the Suliban homeworld was destroyed and its survivors spread throughout space, many settling on Tandaran colonies.

In the 2150s, the Cabal are prominent, while 'ordinary' Suliban are nomads.