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Sukhoi Su-24

Sukhoi Su-24 Fencer is an all-weather attack aircraft built in the Soviet Union. It is a two-seat, double engined plane. It is comparable to the American F-111 and the British Panavia Tornado, especially since all three have swing-wing technology. The Su-24 is capable of carrying eight weapons, and is faster than its western counterparts. However, its avionics are not as advanced. It can reach a speed of Mach 1.35.

The Su-24 had its first flight in 1976 and began to enter service in 1983. There have been over 650 produced. There are also naval and recon variants. The naval variant is known as the Su-24M. It flies in the air forces of Azerbaijan, Belarus, Iran, Kazakhstan, Libya, Russia, Syria, Ukraine

Su-24 of the Russian Air Force

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