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In Greek mythology, Sthenelus refers to four different people.

  1. Son of Perseus and Andromeda. He exiled Amphitryon, lover of his niece, Alcmene, because he killed Sthenelus' brother, Electryon. Thus he became king of Mycenae, and was succeeded by his son Eurystheus, who was famous for the labors he designed for Alcmene's son Heracles.
  2. Son of Capaneus and Evadne. With Diomedes, he led the armies of Argos in the Trojan War. He was also one of the Epigonoi.
  3. Son of Androgeus and a companion of Heracles, whom he accompanied to the land of the Amazons to steal Hippolyte's girdle.
  4. Father of Cycnus and King of Liguria.