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Steve Urkel

"Steve Urkel" (played by actor Jaleel White) was a nerdish character on the sitcom Family Matters. His popularity with the fans won him the number-one spot as America's favorite nerd. If he caused an accident he would say "Did I do that?" The character was so popular that it was brought from recurring into regular appearance. A song and dance was created based on the character that was fairly popular among teenagers for a brief time.

As the series progressed and White outgrew his own child-like voice his performance became more affected and strained. A female "cousin" character (Myrtle Urkel) was created, also played by White; and eventually a suave, sexy alter-ego, also named Steve Urkel (but with the last name proncounced "Ur-KEL" instead of being a spondee).

The Steve Urkel Dance

Now if you wanna do the Steve Urkel Dance All you have to do is hitch up your pants Bend your knees and stick out your pelvis (I'm-a tellin you-a-baby it's-a better than Elvis) Do it, do it, everybody do the Urkel, yeah!

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