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Stede Broec

Stede Broec (population: 21,132) is a municipality in the north-western Netherlands, in the province of North Holland. The municipality covers an area of 15.66 km².

The municipality of Stede Broec consists, historically, of the following towns, villages and townships: Bovenkarspel, Broekerhaven, Grootebroek, Horn, Lutjebroek (Stede Broec is not a village itself). Since Januari 1st 1979 it officially consists of the villages and townships Bovenkarspel, Grootebroek and Lutjebroek.

The name Stede Broec comes from Stede (meaning 'cities') and Broec (meaning 'swamp'), for most of the villages are built on poldered ground, a fairly common thing in the Netherlands.

Stede Broec is located in the region West-Friesland consisting of all the land surrounded by the West-Friese Omringdijk, a dike which then protected the land against the dangers of the tides of the Zuider Zee.

Legionella outbreak

In March, 1999 an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease occurred during a flower exhibition in Bovenkarspel. Many people were hospitalized in Hoorn. 200 people became ill and at least 32 people died. Probably more people died and were buried before Legionella infection was recognized. The source of the bacteria were probably a whirlpool and a moisturizer in the exhibition area.

Railway stations

Bovenkarspel-Grootebroek, Bovenkarspel Flora.

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