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State of Han

zh-cn:韩国 (诸侯)

The Han (simplified Chinese: 韩, traditional Chinese: 韓) was a state during the Warring States Period in China.

Its territory directly blocked the passage of the state of Qin into the North China Plain, thus becoming a frequent traget of Qin's military operations. Although the Han had attempted several self strengthening reforms, notably under the famous Legalist Shen Buhai (simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese: 申不害) during the reign of Marquess Zhao of Han, it would never overcome the Qin. In fact it was the first of the Six states to be conquered by Qin in 230 BC.

The invasion of Qin into Shangdang Commandery (simplified Chinese: 上党郡, traditional Chinese: 上黨郡) ushered in the bloodiest battle of the whole period, the Battle of Changping in 260 BC.

List of Han rulers

Marquess Jing of Han
Marquess Lie of Han
Marquess Wen of Han
Marquess Ai of Han
Marquess Zhuang of Han
Marquess Zhao of Han
King Xuanhui of Han
King Xiang of Han
King Xi of Han
King Huanhui of Han
King An of Han

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