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Speaker's Corner

Speaker's Corner is a place in Hyde Park, City of Westminster, London, in the shadow of Marble Arch. It is a traditional site of public speeches and debate, on Sunday mornings.

Although many of its regular speakers are distinctly non-mainstream, it has had such noted people as Karl Marx, Lenin, George Orwell and William Morris speak, and from time to time is used by candidates for the mainstream parties in election campaigns.

The nearest tube station is Marble Arch.

Speakers Corner [1] is also a Canadian television show by Citytv based on the same idea. The general public can go to a booth outside the station's studio and record a short video segment (up to two minutes in length) for a nominal fee (currently one dollar). The show's producers then select "compelling" segments for broadcast. Segments are sometimes broadcast as short segments outside of the scheduled show times. The station also has a mobile booth to increase public access.

Affiliate television stations in London, Ontario and Windsor, Ontario have similar booths which are free.

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